Monday, March 10, 2008

Purple Toes Jewelry

Donna Ryan is a wife & mother who began creating handcrafted jewelry when she was laid off from her corporate job in 2006. She was born in Dallas, Texas in 1955, and is best known for her eclectic style in jewelry art which is displayed in her internet shop at As a child, she was always working or playing with her hands making clay animals, playing the piano & later on becoming proficient as a graphic art designer on the computer, designing presentations for the President of the major corporation she worked at & for City Council Members in the city she resides in. She actually designed a presentation that was sent to George W. Bush from the President of the International firm she was located at.

She specializes in Unique One-of-a-Kind Custom Jewelry. Her materials of choice include Vintage Glass Beads, Hearts, Roses, Pearls, Lockets, Charms, Swarovski, Animal Beads, Vintage Filigree Wraps, old watches, antique pins & earrings. She especially loves to find very old antique and rare celluloid charms to create lovely and fun necklaces and earrings. She is currently showcasing Steampunk.

She calls her shop “Purple Toes Jewelry” because one day, (while watching her daughter paint her "toes purple") it dawned on her…That was it! It had to be called “Purple Toes Jewelry”.
She does enjoy working with cute animal beads and any piece of jewelry that can be taken apart and re-created, so you will find a huge selection of unique, eclectic, whimsical and different types of jewelry in her shop at: You may call or email her if you would like a special custom piece.


SassyBelle said...

Love the story behind the Purple Toes name:)

priti.lisa said...

Pretty, pretty!

Plumrose Lane said...

I was just stopping by to leave a comment for the necklace you made for this week's IA challenge but I don't see it posted here. It was really beautiful!

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